Equipping Embedded Industrial PC - x86 Base, VPON MDVR Has Overwhelming Advantages Comparing with SOC Solutions. x86 Base not only Excels in Enduring Instant Voltage Drop and Power Failure but also in Working Stably at High Temperatures as well.

VPON MDVR is Equipped with Efficient Processing CPU, Rigid Structure and Patented Techniques, so It could Work Perfectly in Various Kinds of Difficult Situations.

Customization Possibilities
( Available Upon Request )

○ Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
○ WIFI Router
○ Extra 4 IP Cameras
○ Fleet Management System (FMS)
 and Dual Transmission
○ Forward Collision Warning System
○ Bar Code Reader and General Purpose I/O

3 Major Certificates of High Quality

○ US Military Standard UMIL-STD-810F/G Certified
○ e-Mark

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