VP-5508 AHD Mobile DVR
VP-5508 AHD Mobile DVR

VP-5508 AHD Mobile DVR (New)

VP-5508, AHD 8-Channel, H.264 Mobile DVR, Anti-Destruction One-Piece Superstructure, is a powerful industrial grade Mobile Digital Video Recorder. With a true rugged of thermal design patent, it can reach truly 100% fan-less optimizing the performance of heat dissipation. Also, 8-Channel video input with advanced H.264 video compression can provide a variety of multiple recording purposes, gives you longer recording times, reduced network bandwidth consumptions and stunning image quality at lower video data transfer rate.

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VP-5508 Product Datasheet (383 KB)
• Up to the highest 1280 x 720 resolution (720p)
• Heat resistant fan-less design
• True anti-vibration, anti-shock
• 8-channel video inputs with advanced H.264 video compression
• Support mobile phone video viewer
• Remote Live View and configuration setup
• Integrated Fleet Management System
• Power shutdown timer
• System watch dog protection
• Advanced 4G LTE / 3G / compatibility
• Video playback / GPS marker / tracking route can be displayed simultaneously
For detailed info about product specifications, please download the VP-5508 product datasheet.
Safety/Quality Approvals
Other Features


Optimizing Heat-Dissipation Performance

Heat Resistant Fan-less Design

Heat could be dissipated through the entire aluminum case at its maximum surface area of the heat-sink structure design for lowering its temperature for the best performance.

Preventing Damages from Brute-Force Attack

Anti-Destruction One-Piece Structure

The structure is formed around one cm thickness in one-piece method, it is very strong so that it could avoid the serious damages from the purposely brute-force attack.

Easy Change, Efficient Management

Removable HDD Tray

For fleet management, time is money for every on-duty vehicle, you could take out the recorded HDD easily for exchanging or for other purpose based on the removable HDD tray design.

Stable Performance and Favorable Follow-Up Care

Cable Holding Rings

Cables could be fixed tight with cable holding rings for stable performance during vibration. It could make the installation neat and tidy for easier maintenance within limited space inside a vehicle.