Company Profile

Formosa21 Inc, is a leading manufacturer of Network Digital Video Recorder, remote video servers and Mobile DVRs in Taiwan.

Back in 1994, Formosa21 Inc. began to research and development in Video Conferencing. Shortly after 1997,the company focused its efforts on development and production of VPON (Vivid Picture On Network) Network MPEG4 DVR products, based on key technologies acquired during years of progressive research. As a result Formosa21 became a pioneer in features such as low-bandwidth video streaming, OSD (On Screen Display), Network MPEG4 DVR on Chip, Plug & Play, and ease of use capabilities.

VPON products were graded with many valuable awards and the company aims to provide the highest quality and reliability products to its world wide partners and customers.

VPON products have been delivered to North America, South America, Europe, South Asia, North Asia and Middle East areas and are getting world wide popularity gradually. VPON team always gives our world wide partners the best services & supporting to help them grow up with VPON.

VPON always aims to be the leader of security industry. Having 30 years of experience in Taiwan, we upgraded MDVR VP-5004 into a competitive, stable and rugged product for commercial vehicle drivers worldwide.

VPON provides commercial vehicle drivers the total solution to enhance efficiency and reduce extra cost. With the surveillance cameras, you could easily manage your business. The drivers who get monitored would drive more safely, and it benefits the Owners to avoid extra cost of traffic violation. The security cameras installed on commercial vehicle trucks are able to help you record road conditions. If there are some unexpected situations on the way, the record of VPON surveillance system could help you clarify the accident scenes and reduce the insurance payment.

Please let VPON strengthen your business and you could expand more than 200% of capacity.