Software Description

Software Description


  • PLive GPS Tracking
  • 3G Remote Viewing
  • Vehicle Fleet Management

Matching all kinds of Local Dialing Services

Advanced 3G/GPRS Support Compatibility

Onl y wi th Complete Open-Format Setting Options for connecting well with Your Own 3G Service of the Local Dialing System, you could then be real beneficial from the 3G Remote View supported by the DVR

● Support 3GPP2(CDMA) and 3GPP(UMTS)
● Support 2.5G / 2.75G / 3G / 3.5G / 3.75G

Easy, Consistency and Time Saving

Efficient Configuration File Upload

You can Backup the System Configuration into a File for further Restore in case of something wrong that cause loss of Configuration Settings. Or you could Upload it into another DVR for having exactly the same Settings as efficien Fleet Management.

Know where they are, See what they See

Effective GPS Tracking Intergrated with Videoe

ment System, You could know where the Current Position is foreach of the vehicle, and you could also checkthe Live View Remotely of the Selected Vehicle through the 3G Connection.

● Up t o 64 Live GPS Tracking Markers Supported
● Video, the Moving GPS Marker and the GPS Tracking Route over the Map could be Displayed Simultaneously.

Convenient Fleet Management Back-up

Automatic File Synchronization (Optional)

With the Third Party FileSync Application, the File Server will do the File Synchronization automatically over the WiFi Network. The Management could investigate the Recorded Files at the File Server when necessary instead of go to each Vehicle for downloading the Files separately.

Making your Own Applications

Flexible Snapshots

You could define your own Snapshots for certain situations with GPI from an Alarm Trigger or a Quick Button. Flexible Snapshots

● Each Channel could have an independent Snapshot to be stored inside the HDD.
● The GPI Trigger itself could be also considered as a Mark for doing further Search / Playback for Video Clips.
● It is even more convenient that you could Export all the Snapshots within a selected vperiod into your USB Flash Disk in one time

( Patent No. US7,468,555 B2 )

Text Search for the Interested Video Clips

Integration with Mobile POS (Optional)

The Text Messages from the Mobile POS including Customer's Name or Delivery Details could be recorded into the DVR. So you could have your Video with the Text Message overlaid. Furthermore, you could easily find the Required Video Clips for Managements by just searching the Keywords

Quick Frame Search with Time Zoom IN

Video Previews with Thumbnail Browse

For quickly Search the Video of the Interested Subjects or mo re accurately Locate some Specific Point, it is very convenient the Previews could be displayed at its First Frame for each Time Unit from the Selected Period. You could then Judge very easily by Taking a Glance and also do the Time ZOOM IN for getting into mo Details during Each Section.

Customized Fleet Management Application

Data Record with Digital Tachograph (Optional)

The Collected Data from a Digital Tachograph (called In-Vehicle Data Recorder) including the Speed Information and Car Status etc. could be recorded into the DVR. You could even playback both the Video and the Recorded Data together for better evaluation on One's Driving Behavior.