Formosa21, Inc.

VPON Always Aims to be the Leader of Security Industry. Having 30 Years of Experience in Taiwan, We Upgraded MDVR VP-5004 into a Competitive, Stable and Rugged Product for Commercial Vehicle Drivers Worldwide. VPON Provides Commercial Vehicle Drivers the Total Solution to Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Extra Cost. With the Surveillance Cameras, You could Easily Manage your Business. The Drivers who Get Monitored would Drive More Safely, and it Benefits the Owers to Avoid Extra Cost of Traffic Violation. The Security Cameras installed on Commercial Vehicle Trucks are able to Help you Record Road Conditions. If there are some Unexpected Situations on the way, the Record of VPON Surveillance System could Help you Clarify the Accident Scenes and Reduce the Insurance Payment. In order to Support Drivers Worldwide, We Provide 3 Years Warranty for Drivers*. Please Let VPON Strengthen your Business and You could Expand More Than 200% Of Capacity.

Product Line

Formosa21, Inc. has the industry experience and product capabilities to master the challenges of today’s high technology requirements. We are professional manufacturer of Mobile DVR, providing Mobile DVR, Standalone DVR, Network DVR, Car Camera with superior quality. We aren’t in the business of being the same as everyone else; we has reliable well-performing products, credible partners and most of all a real focus on making our customers happy. Whether you need a standard Mobile DVR, a wholly custom design or prototypes for a new project our team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

Equipping Embedded Industrial PC - x86 Base, VPON MDVR Has Overwhelming Advantages Comparing with SOC Solutions. x86 Base not only Excels in Enduring Instant Voltage Drop and Power Failure but also in Working Stably at High Temperatures as well.

VPON MDVR is Equipped with Efficient Processing CPU, Rigid Structure and Patented Techniques, so It could Work Perfectly in Various Kinds of Difficult Situations.

Customization Possibilities
( Available Upon Request )

○ Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
○ WIFI Router
○ Extra 4 IP Cameras
○ Fleet Management System (FMS)
 and Dual Transmission
○ Forward Collision Warning System
○ Bar Code Reader and General Purpose I/O

3 Major Certificates of High Quality

○ US Military Standard UMIL-STD-810F/G Certified
○ e-Mark

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At Formosa21, Inc., we’re looking for professionals dedicated to providing excellent Mobile DVR, Standalone DVR, Network DVR and outstanding customer service. We make a promise to our customers to take care of all their needs, and need team members who can help deliver on that promise. We are the global leader in Security, Alarm & Safety. We develop, manufacture and distribute groundbreaking Mobile DVR and Car Cameras that shatter the status quo and help customers gain and maintain a competitive edge. If you have other questions which are not answered, please visit our Contact Us.